about me

hi! i'm peachyprobably just your average jpop enjoyer
i mainly do translations on twitter but sometimes i like to post covers, make clay sculptures, and record maimai videos (the arcade game)
i'm (still) trying to learn japanese and translating is basically my main way of learning, so just know that everything won't be 100% accurate!
i like to talk to people too! and make new friends, so don't hesitate to say hi :D

about me

people i translate tweets for:• umekorori
• kujira (whaledontsleep)

for lyric translations, it really depends on if i like the song or notbelow are some artists that i frequently make lyric translations of
• macico
• co shu nie
• sanhi/sunhe
• chilldspot
i also like to translate various vocaloid songs!

about me

some personal stuff &
general things you should know about me

• i am a minor, so please do not be weird
• i go by she/her or they/them
(please use whichever feels more comfortable!)
• if you happen to know my real age or real name, please do not share it with others – i will share it to those when i feel comfortable enough• aaand my birthday is on march 19th!

about me

this is the end! (probably)
thank you for reading this far!
i might add more in the future if i find anything useful, but this is all i have for nowplease let me know if there are things you want to know about me (within reason) by contacting me through twitter or discord!thank you thank you thank you!

translation policy

• please do remember that i am not 100% fluent in japanese and i am STILL learning.
i haven't received any proper education for learning the language - i've only used my own methods to learn.
• in terms of using my translations, please credit me using my name and/or my twitter handle (@lenami91637541)• if you want to make any edits to my translations, please contact me first
i'm mostly okay with it, as long as you credit me as the original source!
• if you do happen to use my translations, there is no need to ask for my permission, but i would love to hear/see what you're using it for!

twitter information

i have two twitter accounts!
my main is for translations and jpop related things while my sub is for random things (basically me screaming)

youtube information

i post jpop covers and lofi playlists here!

discord server

updates about me and a place for you to talk!